Thursday, July 15, 2010

Put on a new relay tonight.

Hooked it all up exactly the way it came off. Pushed start button and nothing happened except dimming of the headlight and warning lights. I used a jumper again on the solenoid and the bike began cranking over but would not stop. I cut off the toggle switch and she kept turning over. Cut off the ignition switch and pulled out the key and it would not stop cranking over. By the time I ran inside to grab a screw driver to disconnect the battery the negative wire was smoking . Finally got it disconnected but the dern negative post crumbled apart. I think it fried my almost new $100 dollar battery. The starter button was hot to touch. One step forward, twenty steps back. This is really eating into my funds right now. Close to six hundred bucks this summer and still not able to ride. It's burning me up.

There seemed to be to many wires going to the relay but what do I know. The plus side has three wires, the negative side has two wires and the small post has two wires; one of which is a short wire going to the negative side like a jumper. Why so many wires on the relay?

Seems like everything I touch these days turns to shit. Everything is on the rocks right now. How many times can you get knocked down, get up dust yourself off and get knocked down again year after year before you just stay down? Yep I know, like my mother used to tell me "as many times as it takes. But there comes a time when it is time to throw in the towel."

I wish I had a pint of good whisky right about now. I know it's good on the rocks. Know what I need? A break, a really really long break.

Sorry about the rant. Later.


Willy D said...

I take it you have a separate starter, relay and solenoid? Yes, there are to many wires. Sounds like you put power to the neg. post somehow. I am surprised that the relay didn’t fry first before the battery. Want me to e-mail the schematic for that bike? ’75 XL,right?

mq01 said...

willyD to the rescue! :)

WooleyBugger said...

Willy D, yes by all means please do. Had one emailed but it is not complete. Somebody needs to make these things in a larger 11X22 size for shop use with colored wires denoted. The one in the manual is miniscule at best.

Yep mq01, willyd to the rescue, willyd to the rescue. Go big willy goooo.
(That's to the tune of "Go Jim Dandy".) lol

WooleyBugger said...

P.S Willy, yes the starter ,solenoid and relay are all seperate and in different locations on the bike.