Saturday, July 03, 2010

Stop Fogging of Motorcycle Face Shields and Glasses

On other blogs I've seen numureous complaints of riding in the rain and having face wear fog up so I thought I'd give a heads up to solve the problem for you.
Some time ago I got tired of my safty glasses fogging up on me in my tiny shop. Ever had a face shield or glasses fog up on you and had to deal with the aggravation as you struggled to see? I was at a wood working supply store back then and just happened on a bottle of stuff called Parker's Perfect and gave it a try. The stuff works great. I even use it on my bathroom mirror.

Nah, I'm not getting paid for this but thought I'd share the tip.

Sorry, still can't get links to work right according to directions.


mq01 said...

thanks for the info wooley.

WooleyBugger said...

Sure thing mq01, try the stuff and you'll be pleased. If you don't find any nearby let me know, I'll send you a bottle.