Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Wooley Venture

Yep, yep. Wooley has been looking at business ventures yet again. If you remember I have two things in the works, Motorbikes and the Magazine deal. The problem, capital with a big C. I keep looking for something that I would like and that would be an income producer for supporting my main ventures, to gain the capital I need for my first two loves, motorcycles and writing.
I'm sorta giddy about what I have found, plus have done research and checked the BBB and have narrowed it down to just two, um mm, machines suppliers.
One of my sister's, who's husband has bad cancer and can no longer work and she are both in dire straights. She lost her job at one of the huge Health Insurance companies last year and has not found a thing. They now face bankruptcy. My hope for her future and my own is this side venture because when I get it up and running I hope to turn it over to her at some point so I can be free to follow my others. She can do this easy enough for her if I can show her how it works and what her clients would be. She'll like it I'm sure of it.

All I am waiting for is the more in-depth information from both the companies so I can decide which to purchase from. I know I'll have to start off small but it will grow fast I am most certain, really. Though my checks from my new account have not arrived yet I am already set to write the first check. Matter of fact had my checks come, one machine would already be on it's way to me. Dang it! Wheres my checks? Well, called the bank today early A.M and was told they went out last Friday. Checks that is.

Did I mention I was all giddy?

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Lady Ridesalot said...

I can sense your giddyness! Woo Hoo! The checks are in the mail! ;}

I'm sorry to hear about your sister and her husband. Life sucks for us sometimes, and it's very difficult to stay positive through it. Hopefully, your new venture will be good for the both of you.