Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Need A New Tire

Ahhh, my bike is all ready to go again me thinks to myself. She cranks up fine and looks like all those little gremlins, for the moment at least, are gone. The only thing I am a bit leery of is my back tire. The tread is pretty low and is fine for dry weather riding but the wet stuff, not that wet stuff but that would be nice lol, could be a problem; not to forget leaves will be falling soon and they can get slippery, really slippery. I want to get up to Asheville and Boone areas when the fall colors start to turn so a new tire is a must.
I just can't decide on which brand to buy. I like Avon's, though I have a barracuda now, but can't help but wonder about handling characteristics of other brands. A tire with good grip in both dry and wet, that will give good wear and mileage plus handling. Also, should I bite the bullet and spring for a new front tire to? It would give peace on mind probably.
I hate changing tires so I'll let the indie shop do it. Buying tires on line without being able to check them out in person has me somewhat hesitant. What if they don't perform or look good to me? Man, I over evaluate and scrutinise this things do I not.

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