Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ordering Machine Tomorrow

Okay folks, here it goes. After painstaking research I have decided on the machine I want and will be getting the first one ordered on Monday. It has been an exhaustive search and research but it is finally done. Holidays and general life situations set me back but now that this has been worked out we are going forward. At first I looked at the machines and then began the going overboard part striving for the largest capacity unit. But I had to catch a hold of myself and get back to reality to the original goal by bursting my own bubble. You know the one if you have ever pursued something. It begins realistic enough but soon you find yourself wanting all the bells and whistles from the get go. Catching myself was tough to do though it was done and I felt less overwhelmed.
I found myself in the middle ground of the machines then went back to my original find, only to have my wife point out and make some good observations thus I moved up a notch -actually two- from the unit I first decided on. Ahh it's more money then originally planned for and that I find hard to spend. However, my wife made a fine point that was unseen or thought of by myself. Therefor. I am getting a unit two sizes larger to begin with but which is smaller than the original goal. The point is to build up to being able to get the machine that will enable us to branch out to take on larger projects.

I am so damn happy that my wife is behind me on this and hopefully she will be able to close down and quit her job within the next year. She hopes to go in to this with me and already has some fantastic avenues to pursue with this new start up itty bitty company. We hope this helps pay our sons college bills too, eekkk.

So tomorrow I call the company to place the order. Are you on pins and needles waiting for the big announcement? Here is a little clue with the planned business name "A Thorough Clean." Mechanical parts; components; tools and restoration of motorcycle engine case as cast finish services.
I'll do some before and after pictures and post them up here. Of course there will have to be a web page put up but lets get this first part done...well, first. Of course my blogger friends will get a nice discount should you ever need or want the service.


FLHX_Dave said...

SCHWEEEEET! Good for you man! Just friggin' go for it!

Wanna' see the results myself!

WooleyBugger said...

Ohh yea Dave, it is schweeeter than fresh honey from the bee tree. Move over Pooh I'm gettin mine.
It is a little scary - like when I did my concert gig - but some times ya just have to jump and hope the chute opens...right.
Thanks alot.