Thursday, October 07, 2010

Illegal Immigration Got You Worried?

I've argued this many times before about Illegal Immigrants coming here. I'm not going to address the politically correct "Undocumented Workers" bull. Let's call a Turkey a Turkey and a thief a thief.
I get tired of having to defend myself when talking about illegal immigrants with people who defend them by saying "They're hard workers" and "This is a Nation made up of immigrants" and "Immigrants help build this nation." Yes, that is all well and good but all these points leave out the fact that previous generations of immigrants came here legally and went through proper channels. They got medical attention and paperwork and were checked for things like deadly diseases and back ground checks. Previous immigrants earned the right to be here and became United States citizens. The defenders of illegal immigration like to try and sugar coat the facts.

The fact is, they came across the borders illegally, they are here illegally and they rob Legal Immigrants and taint their citizenship they fought long and hard to obtain. Illegal immigrants are thieves and cheats and they don't support this country of ours, they are here to rape and pillage all we have then expect to be left alone to stay without recourse to their illegal actions. TB is on the rise, bedbugs are here again, they get deported and come right back, many are drug mules and murderers. Many are becoming activists against us while using the court system of legal citizens and claiming they have these rights too. But they shouldn't have these rights because they are not citizens of these here United States. Other countries would have taken a strong stand way before this and tossed them back across the boarders on there butts, or worse.

How much longer are we to put up with illegals using our system as if it were theirs against us? They are stepping on our flag and our rights and our future. How about the activist here in Burlington NC who killed a motorcycle rider in downtown, tried to leave and was restrained until officers arrived, was a return deportee and felon coming from a meeting with other illegal activists to stage a protest against us...US as if we have done something wrong because we do not like their illegal criminal selves being here in our country.

You can check out to fight back against illegal immigration. Tell congress to stop re-writing the laws to suit illegals and to get a back bone and stand UP for Our country instead of selling OUT our country. Election time is approaching and we need to let them know that this is a country by the people for the people and not the Government to the people.


Willy D said...

Want to take a guess what one of the biggest reasons Calif. is broke is? It ain’t because we have a shortage of asshole politicians.

WooleyBugger said...

Well I have not a clue there Willy. I mean, there are all those "Un-documented" workers there working hard and sending money back to Meh-He-Co while being able to get food stamps, reduced housing, free medical and no income taxes - state or local - but for the life of me I can't see that as the problem at all. So what could it be I wonder.