Monday, October 04, 2010

Warning, Credit Card Scam In North Carolina

I got a text msg yesterday evening - how I got one I don't know because I don't have texting but - it said there was a problem with my credit card account with Randolf Bank. It left a number to call. I knew this was wrong because (1) I don't have bank credit cards anymore. (2) I have no such account with that bank. (3) My bank is closed on Sundays.
I told my wife about it and let her see the message and she tried the number. It gives two options and says your pin number needs to be changed/reset and wants you to access your account to change the PIN number or reset it. Well we both laughed at that scam call on the cell phone no less. My wife called the local branch of that bank today and they confirmed there is a scam going around using there bank name and Carolina's Bank name.

So never ever fall for these scams as your bank will never call you to reset a PIN number or ask for banking information from you . If you do get a call claiming to be your bank tell them you will hang up and call your branch back. They will try to sell you hard on doing the information right then but don't fall for it. Never, ever give out your account information unless you initiated the call. Even if a store calls to verify your credit card information don't do it. Just hang up on them if you have to. Don't let them talk you into giving out your information. If it is really your bank they already know this information so why should they call you.


Willy D said...

Call them folks back and pretend that you are your dumbass neighbor. Give them ‘his’ info. Just make crap up. Could be some damn fine fun. Just make sure you give them his correct address and phone number.

KT Did said...

Another good tip is one I got...
Never never never say the words "yes" or "no" on those calls that record. Scammers play your voice recorded responses over and they get into accounts that way. I think scammers should do life inprisonment. They take peoples life's savings away and when they get caught, and they will, they have no options but to do time. Glad you didn't lose anything.