Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Duluth Trading Fire Hose® Work Pants vs. A Giant Angry Beaver

Duluth Trading Company Fire hose Pants

Looking for some great motorcycle pants? I'm going to order a pair of fire hose pants in black and try them out then write up a little ol review. But hell, they have a no questions asked replacement guarantee so how the heck can I miss.

As for Duluth trading, I've ordered a roll up tool bag in the past for my Pop and he loved it, still does actually. Myself, I have some shirts, long sleeve, and they are fantastic plus the tag is printed and not sewn on. No itchy little tags.
My new catalog came Friday but after giving it an initial flip through for items on my Christmas list it disappeared. Funny, nobody seems to have "any" idea where it went. Oh well, I ordered a replacement today.

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