Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowy Birdhouse

Christmas In Dixie

It's snow everywhere round these parts. First time in years to have snow on Christmas and what better time then on a weekend. No worries on school delays or work traffic for most, however for those who have traveled far from home for the's not so appealing. My birdhouses are likened to the airports with stalled flights as even the birds who inhabit these birdhouses have not taken to flight much. Preferring instead to stay inside with tail feathers blocking out the cold with their tail feathers. 

Myself and my wife's dog Daisy
Daisy is a smart little sweetheart of a dog. She was a stray someone had tossed out and a lady took her in not knowing what she was. This lady became one of my wife's customers when she brought this little matted, nasty sticks and debri laden over grown fuzzball of dog to her. It wasn't until my wife sheared off her coat in a sheet like shearing a lamb was it discovered what she was. What she was was a Cockapoo already fixed and in need of medical attention and food. Needles to say, this lady took this little dog in and cared for her nursing her back to health. When the lady took sick and passed away some years later she daughter thought the dog stupid and did not want her so she told my wife she was getting rid of her and as you can tell, she came to live with us. After we all got used to each other Daisy showed us how smart she was. She lets us know (Most times) when she needs to go out. When shes done she barks once or twice then waits to be let back in. 

Daisy in my lap after giving me a wet kiss.
She stands by her water bowl after coming to you then walking to it and sitting down. I won't bore you with all she does but we soon found out how truly smart she is. Sure she has her moments but she obviously had been well cared for before becoming a stray for some time. She's funny and playful and a loving little thing who is getting old and slowing down. But she's always happy to see you. 
Miranda chewing on her Christmas treat.

My sons Christmas label to me

More snow pictures of my yard 
Another one of our several birdhouses

In case you can't tell, we like watching our wild birds. By watching these houses we find they are never vacant more than a few days all year. I don't know how they work it out but different species will nest then another will move in and make it home. Each time we think they are vacant and wish to clean them out of old nesting we find another couple has already moved in. We watch them clean out some of the previous occupants mess flying the debri off to some distant area and returning. Then they add their new straw and bits to make it their home. Fascinating to watch all this. My zoom tries to capture the birds while they peek outside at the snow then retreat back behind the tail feather curtain. I've even watched a bird in one house poke only it's head out to look over at the next house with a bird doing the same thing. I'd swear they are talking to each other. They'll chirp at each other then disappear back inside. Pretty hilarious stuff.

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