Friday, January 21, 2011

Billy's Two Wheeled Musings
Check out Billy's new blog "Billy's Two Wheeled Musings" over yonder in my side bar. He's not new to blogging just new to blogging about Motorcycles. He's a published author of Childrens books, Poems and tales. He's also my former partner in Concert promotion.
I don't think it's advertised on his new blog but "Carrot on a Stick" is just one of his verbage bound leafs of good reading I have. When I read that one I kept thinking "Damn! Is he reading my mind?" You know, thoughts you've pondered yourself are in it and it's kinda weird sometimes.
Anyhow, he's been at this writing and blogging longer than most of us. Don't let his smile fool you either, he's one bad Mofu with innovation and bikes...and verbage.

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