Sunday, January 02, 2011

SAE Supermileage Competition.

These are cars built by engineering students who compete for the SAE Supermileage competition. I was looking for the 2004 Akron car that bears a striking resemblance to Craig Vetters 470 high mileage fairing. I wonder how an Ironhead Sportster or Yamaha XS650 engine would fair. While my son was over at Racetech last week I noticed when we left, a smallish slipjoint jr. dragster type frame shoved over against the fence. Painted blue and slightly larger than a jr. dragster but non-the-less shoved over to the scrap pile with some other poor bastard cast off bits and pieces from fabrication. About ten years ago we had a friend who was a Land Speed racer and he and I had discussed making a motorcycle powered dragster/Land speed racer using a then 550 Yamaha engine however I wanted a Sportster powered one. I can still see it now, Ironhead powered with swooped up drag pipes casting thunderous roars as I blasted past.  
In the saying of the Sixties; "It would have been crazy wild cats."


Willy D said...

I’ve run into Mr. Vetter over by the coast a few times. It’s the perfect weather for testing his contraptions.

A frame like that with a XL powerplant. Ya’ know, with the right gearing…..Just how fast do you think it would go? With you as the pilot.

WooleyBugger said...

Tell Vetter we said Hello next time.

You mean the Dragster frame? I'd would have liked to shoot for 200mph to start off. Don't know about now but back then Jim told me there was nobody ever done that style with a motorcycle engine so even a first attempt would make it a world record holder in a special class all by itself.
Are your wheels turning over an idea or something?