Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor ? by The Real Jim Bronson, Birney Jarvis

I enjoyed reading this book sent to me by Birney Jarvis, the first and the second time.

 On The Cover: "Me, tied to the mast because of breaking seas in a nasty northern; at the wheel for 18 hours, 100 miles off the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Tasha took the shot with an Instamatic." Birney Jarvis

Birney is the man of which whom the late nineteen sixties television series Then Came Bronson charactor Jim Bronson played by Michael Parks was based on. Originally this was to be the next stage of the Then Came Bronson show in which Jim is searching for more to the meaning of life.

(I'm not payed for endorsement of this book. I just enjoyed it and hope some others will as well.)
Read well and prosper. < Sounds like a law firm don't it.

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