Thursday, March 03, 2011

Rochester Carburetor GM 2 Jet 7044118

 This is my sons Rochester from his 400 small block. ( Correction, The carburetor was installed on the 400 small blocks and this one was to according to the numbers. but the engine here is a 305 as we checked the casting numbers) These engines in 1974 were installed in Chevelles, Monte Carlos and El Caminos + trucks. It is the largest displacement small block with lots of torque for pulling heavy vehicles. It's a great engine for someone who wanted grunt but not the weight of a Big Block. This carburetor is grungy and leaking at all the gaskets though still giving decent fuel mileage and day to day driving which should be a testament to Rochester quality.
 Another view before we take it off and run it through the Sonic cleaner. My wife already started the machine to get it all warmed up for us. Good thing she did because we had to clean the carburetor, tear this carburetor apart, replace gaskets and componants, reassemble and get it back on the car for the next day. We began at 7 p.m and finished install and test by midnight.

 Here it is after an hour in the machine. We discovered a few things during tear down. The float pin was only part of the way in the bracket that the float pivots on, and the top gasket was only partially there; guess the rest got sucked in the engine some time ago.
 Reassembled with new parts and ... a fuel filter. Seems like the previous owner thought it didn't need a fuel filter. Those blue marks on the hoses are reference labels we applied to ease reinstallation. I drew a quick sketch, called out the reference letters to my wife and she applied the labels to the correct hoses.
 Just another shot of the carburetor after reinstallation. This took a group effort by the three of us to get it done. They both asked a lot of questions during the process. I'm pretty sure either of them can now trouble shoot this carburetor and even rebuild it on the side of the road if ever the need was to arise.
The Walker rebuild kit, part number 15564B, come with the best detailed instructions and full expanded view with identification of all componants I've ever seen in a kit. This kit has everything you need, except fuel filter, for the Rochester Carburetor models 2G, 2GC and 2GV.

(I'm an independant and not endorsing any product in this post. I'm only giving my own opinions)

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Willy D said...

Those were the days. Back when you only needed a small carry toolbox to rebuild the engine.

Somewhere around ’77, when I was just a young pup in training, went out to my trailer for lunch. Don’t remember the year, but it was a Galaxy 500. Yanked the carb off, carried it to the kitchen table, (dumping the gas out on the lawn of course). Rip tear, zip zam and poof! It’s back on and purring like me looking at old Farrar Faucet posters. Made it back in the hour with a few to spare.

Something to be said about a vehickel without any darn computer at all.