Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Blistered Bottom Ride is here
Alrighty folks, you've been waiting all winter dreaming of this ride, biting your nails in great expectation, chomping at the bit. Well, actually it was only conceived a few months ago but what the hell. Now here it is. Are you ready? June 24th, 25th and 26th will mark the time honored first annual Blistered Bottom Ride and Campout.

If your a newer rider or a rider looking for a slower pace, this will be perfect for you to get your feet wet. 99% of this ride will be on scenic back roads with lots to see, just what others are missing by high balling down the inter and intrastate just to reach a destination. It's highly doubtful you'll see any show bikes in this crowd and you can be relaxed knowing it's not just for any one brand or size of bike. Bring your own luxury four star accommodations, sleeping bag, tent or tarp because there won't be any comfy motel/hotel beds in the plans.
If you like cheap thrills, cheap food, cheap folks, cheap vacations then this is perfect for you. The only expensive thing on this trip will be the fuel.

My friend and co-founder of has more on this ride at
He's the Road whore that knows the score on all these roads, and he's done us up a route map too. So if you can't ride the whole thing but want to jump in for the day, it's fine with us.
Contact us at the or leaningtwo@gmail. com if you want to go, we'll leave the lamp on for ya.

Oh yea, stipulations; You must be over eighteen, abide by all the rules of the road, and you ride and take part of this complete event solely at your own risk as you are an adult and any and all responsibilty rest upon your own self.    


Kernal Clink said...

Ready and waiting, let's all hope the bike is.

WooleyBugger said...

hahaha, I'm with you Kernal.

Willy D said...

It really sucks living so far from people I want to meet. You’re killing me here. I live for that stuff!

Couldn’t make it anyway. That’s when we’re going to AZ. It’ll be about a 1500 mile trip so I’ll be there in spirit.

WooleyBugger said...

It does doesn't it. Ithought you said you'd be over this way this year sometime so come on over, it's only a "Few" more miles.

Arizona! Aren't you tired of that bunch yet? Guess I'll have to go with the spirit. Hey! I'll send my spirit that way and you send yours this and we'll meet up in the middle...spiritwise.