Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday Ride In The Country
Billy and I went for a little jaunt on Sunday after working on some luggage racks for his bike. When he arrived he found me working on Rat Bastard chasing down the short to the horn. Might be in the switch or in the spliced wire from the previous owner some years ago. Who knows? Not me, haven't found out yet but when the horn blows it's loud, freaking loud like a 1974 Buick deuce and a quarter.

I gave up on the horn for the time being, as we bent up some tubing for the right side of his bike after experimintation, (trial and error) then we took a break for lunch. We hauled ass over to a little place called the University Grill to chow down. Billy liked the cheesecake and had a funny story to tell about how he gained weight years ago because of his diet of...cheesecake.
We left the restuarant for some fantastic weather riding time. Only thing was, one road we went down I hadn't been on in years but the twists and corners are so much fun. Everything looked familiar in the beginning and most of the ride until all of a sudden things didn't look so familiar anymore. I pulled off with Billy right behind and he looks at me and says "You don't know where your at do you?" Of course ya know my reply.
Good thing was Billy knew where we were at, their old club house from the seventies was just down the road. I had gone right when I shoulda gone left after the twisties section then I completely missed my turn off. So much for relying on my memory. I joked that I should carry a map around, ya know, just in case.
 We rode back to the 61 and hung a right, which should have been a left when we first whizzed by, and stopped at this long closed country store. Speaking of whizzing, I had to take a whizz. This was supposed to be a short ride then back to work, but once I get riding it's hard for me to stop and it's better than any drink I've ever had to get the cobwebs out. I'd had half a pot of coffee that morning, then a glass of tea when Billy arrived. At lunch I had two more large glasses of tea. One day I'm gonna learn.

for the rest of this story visit Bill's blog for his side and some cool pictures of the old Store. http://billysmotorcycles.blogspot.com/2011/04/county-line-ride.html

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Billy Jones said...

It was the sort of ride I love-- clear air for the head and just enough motorcycle pushing to keep my doctor happy.