Sunday, May 29, 2011

East Coast Action Bastard Bash 4
This is just the thing Billy and I look for, like our own Blistered Bottom Ride and camp out We thought we were alone in being tired of the over the top, billet barges, cookie cutter bikes and shows out there. We thought we were alone in being cheap assed bastards who think five dollar hotdogs and hamburgers is a bit to much. We spend our money on gas and if enough money is left, food.  We've been looking for real road worthy home wrenched bikes done up by folks like us who don't have $30 grand to just plop down for a bike that won't be ridden farther than across town on a Saturday evening. Somehow we always are able to make an hour or more ride from a ten minute trip.

That's why we got our bikes, to ride them, and we've ridden them in teeth chattering cold and the hot pre and summer days. Only now we're finding more and more non-perfect bikes like ours that have the chipped paint, minor oil leaks home spun accessories and parts made from what was once junk to another. We make our own repairs beside the road or in our garages, yards or small confines of a tool shed, innovate and admire others who do the same with as little or less coin than we have, like our friend Shameless who makes a damn fine lookig headlight bracket from old twisted metal porch railing supports. These are the people we seek out, they're like us, they ride their bikes and take pride in them and themselves for what they accomplish with little or nothing. I find myself always drawn to the bikes that aren't sparkly clean and look ridden. Show bikes are fine in the shows but give me a motorcycle that can actually be ridden with your feet up on the pegs.

So check this East Coast gathering link out below and see what real riding is all about on the EastSide of things.

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