Sunday, August 28, 2011


 Clunk, whir, clunk whir, grind. Billy hooked up the multi meter to check system and isolate the problem.
 Evidently it comes home here, yet again months later, to the starter solenoid. Out with the old one and order placed for a new one.  My hope was for something a little easier and cheaper to fix, like a loose connection but nah. Still may be another short but until we get this fixed we won't be able to tell for sure.
Here he his, my Guru, putting the orange valve cap covers on his bike "Nuthin Special" during a break in the action. These little orange cap covers truly help us old going blind guys keep track of those valve stem caps when checking tire pressure. I'm glad he came to help me with Rat Bastard or else... well, he kept me sane. Least I could do was give him something cool to drink and the covers for his help.


Billy Jones said...

It was fun helping you cuss at Rat Bastard! And the orange thingies are still on my valve caps!

Willy D said...

What’s the big deal? That’s what hills are for.

All the contacts in it can be replaced or cleaned at a much lower cost. If you keep having problems with the silly-annoyed, it’s generally two things. One: high or low voltage going to it. Two: high amperage draw from it. As in the starter. Couldn’t hurt to pull the starter apart and check the brushes, commutator and bearings. And check the amperage draw on the starter.

WooleyBugger said...

Willy D, Hills yes, hills close to my home, no. and I'm to old to run and push it and I'd probably be to winded to get on so I'd fall down go boom.

I replaced the guts of this one last year with the rebuild kit but the bore is so worn out the plunger shaft has way way way to much play in it like a drink straw in a mayo jar. I might make some bushings for it later. I can't divulge my source but I have a new one coming at about wholesale cost. Not much more than the cost to fuel the bike. The starter is new though checking the draw might not be a bad idea. Honestly, this solenoid is original and has been through before by owners and is pretty shot.