Sunday, September 11, 2011

I wish I had a Panster

Oh, they're out there, Old Ironhead Sportsters with Panhead Top ends. At one time I researched them and had found a site where a couple of riders had pictures of older one's so they built them one. They had hooked up with an old biker who used to build them for folks and he told them how to do it. Plenty of work as I remember but the outcome was beautifully awesome.
Found a complete Springer front end with wheel, tire and handlebars included for my bike today over at Clarks Custom Cycles. One thousand dollar price tag, I don't have a grand to plop down on it dang it. For my bike I want to put a Wide Glide or Springer on one of these days.

Larry Clark at the Clark Cycles in Graham North Carolina was again a huge help today. Billy had come over to help me get Rat Bastard going again but the bendix gear for my starter system was shot. Gave Larry a holler and he had what I needed and to top it off he told me to bring the new and old shaft with me. Now I had no idea why he wanted me to bring the old shaft. He and his daughter, worked on getting the left hand nut off but it wasn't coming off even with heat applied. Larry said to leave it and he'd keep trying, might take a day or two but he'd get it. Well, Billy and I left after talking with a fiew others and headed home. Half way home my cell rings, it's Larry, He's got the old shaft apart and the new one ready to rock and roll. Without a question he's getting more of my business, a whole lot more. This shop isn't any Yuppie clothing parlor wine drinking croud which is evident by the huge trash can full of spent beer cans at the outside seating area. No posers here, this is a place from days gone by that I remember visiting in my youth. 

But still, I had not an idea Larry was going to rebuild the shaft for me as well. And the price was so reasonable, realistic really and service that not many can compare too. I'm telling you, if you need Shovelhead or Pan parts, new or used,  this is the man to see.
I'll get a picture of his place and business card to post up. 

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