Sunday, September 04, 2011

Rat Bastard Wiring Troubles.Tracking wiring problems really SUCKS and here is just one thing Billy found; The ignition switch had a loose wire in it's connector. Got that one fixed and still we're tracing the system trying to find the problem and there was another one at the starter relay which we fixed. Now RB keeps tripping the circuit breakers and no power is getting to the starting system. Let's see, Billy and I have been working two days from morning til night and still have not found the elusive problem.

(Update: I went back out trying to find the problem and all I did was start getting really really pissed off. I mean, this is the first weekend I've had off - and a long three day one to - and this crap happens. I stopped just Short of tying a rope to the wireharness and the other end to my truck and yanking it all out. Can you tell I'm just a little wee bit on edge). 

 Billy did find a break to make some adjustments to his fairing though moving it up and forward so the air flow quits hitting him in the face instead of flowing up and over.

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