Thursday, October 06, 2011

Because It's 's Fault

 I'm off this weekend to the mountains with the Greensboro cruisers group, and it's all's fault. You see, some time back, Billy found this motorcycle riding group of people with like interests in riding. Billy has been on several rides, so far, and attended meetings with these folks. He took me to one of their breakfast get-together-who's to meet some of them. I liked the ones I met there so I joined up on their meetup site. A couple of times already I RSVP'd for rides but my bike wasn't up for it those times, I think Billy and I have that all ironed out now.
So Saturday I'll be heading out early, leaving the dull drums of daily life at home while intending on having some riding fun with new friends and old. Like I said, It's all s fault  for getting me out of the rutt and off my butt and this computer to hang with some other riders out the world.

I wish meetup had a position for me here in North Carolina that I could combine motorcycling and promoting their idea for a living. What better person for a PR relations job than someone who's initials actually are PR. I could meet other meetup groups in North Carolina and get feed back, see what they like or don't like. Pass out meetup t-shirts to the members, let them know that meetup really wants to know what they think. Shucks, I'd even paint my bike up with the logo and wear a shirt that said: "Ask Me about" Ideas? I have plenty of Ideas.

Ahhh, but I'm dreaming. Jobs like that just don't exist. Good thing this weekend ride does though.

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Billy Jones said...

See you for the ride.