Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flipped(partie deux)

 I awoke as usual around four thirty a.m. to the crackly half blown sound emitting from the alarm clock speaker. In my sleep laden stupor, my hand fumbled around, knocking the water glass to the floor, to find the snooze button stuck; I pounded it quiet with my fist before flinging it across the room into the wall. It bounced back hitting my head, crashing the lamp which mixed together on the floor with the water glass shards. The alarm clock still works, just as the american people do, even after being battered day after day until the day it shorts out causing a fire. The cut on my heel, well, it'll heal.

It was lucky I found the television remote, that explained the painful spot beneath my shoulder blade. Turning on the TV with the sound cut down for light I began flipping through the channels full of infomercials. All the usual early morning high fevered pitchmen talking fast paced trying to get the viewer to hastily purchase before the time ran out. Mostly real estate Guru's wanting to share their systems with me because they are just such nice fellows and only have my best interests to rich's in mind. I don't buy into any of that crap but it amuses me to think of all the poor saps out there that have and do believe the drivel. Key words here are "have" and "do" with do having two oh's.
Finally I found the daily depressor News channel. The headlines only give the one liners that tell you virtually nothing and can be so out of context to give you nothing to hold onto information wise. Headline move quickly from one disaster to another overloading your senses to numbness. My life is filled with enough of that mess that folks don't want to hear about it from me when trying to discuss what's happening in my corner of the world. That is, unless it is something so spectacular, so unbelievable that it can't be true. If to much information is given they get bored. But if I say "Several gun shots rang out in the four hundred block of Caddy lane last night" then they want to know more, ask questions. Hell! I could be a news hound and make a name for myself or report this stuff on a radio show and be a god zillionaire. A captive audience of sorts who thrive on bad news. But nobody wants to listen because I'm not a "professional" doomsday reporter.
Guess I missed my calling.

The President was giving another speech it looked like, of course, with the sound turned down the pep talk had no effect and made the minute most enjoyable. Man, this guy loves to hear himself talk. He should spend less time giving empty speech's and more time behind his desk pulling both parties together. When the Donkey and Elephant are blocking the only road, having the two drivers bickering back and forth does nothing to clear the jam. If the leader would get the drivers to work together, put aside their differences, then they could help each other clear the road of the blockage. All the blame game back and forth does is make them sound like first graders and doesn't fix the damned problems.
Next on the News was the stinky pile of poo employment numbers report. The one that says unemployment in the last quarter was down so economy is improving and more people working. Working? Well yes, for the holiday season but they'll be back in the soup lines again in a few short weeks. Those numbers are fantasy numbers reports.

I crawled out of bed and padded my way to the kitchen and the coffee maker. Ahh, the morning nectar of the bean gods. I can't function until that first cup and a smoke. The dog was at my heals, waiting patiently for me to let her out. I obliged her and as I stood there, sipping coffee, dragging on the cigarette, the dog disappeared into the light drizzle and dense fog. I was going to have to leave earlier now to pick up Tommy and head to work.

Maybe I should rename this little piece The Alarm Clock Still Works (continued still)  


Billy Jones said...

Life stinks and then you write about it.

Oh, and you'll love my word verification, "sented."

KT Did said...

Keep it coming.......