Monday, January 02, 2012

The Wake

Waves, crashing, rolling, destruction, eroding
They move and ebb with ferocious appetite
Powerful, you can't stop them day after day
Hour by hour, minute by minute as seconds turn to mist.

All consuming eventually, changing landscape, upheaval
Smoothing stone until gone, night and light
Giving and taking yet all untameable, unrelenting
Carrying life in its mass above and below

Beautiful and deadly having all rolled into one
No remorse, it hasn't a care anytime anywhere
Like hours of the years moving ever so faster
Wake up, live today, tomorrow may already be gone.


Willy D said...

Ok, that’s cool.

Made me think about the folks that have property on the coast out here. For some damn reason they think the can dump rocks in the water and keep the ocean from eroding their land. You ain’t never going to win that battle.

Stolen said...

great point