Saturday, February 04, 2012

2012's 2nd Annual Blistered Bottom Ride
Here it is again, the second annual June running of the Blistered Bottom Ride. Billy and I have discussed it and he's worked out the route again for this year. We're going for a four day run this time around. Last year after the Run I checked in on some of the forums that spoke of it; There were a few people spouting off about how the Ride miles were more like daily commutes for them so the name didn't fit the ride. Well, for one thing, none of those spouting off about it and making jokes even made the ride, or any other ride for the matter, so that tells me they are more like computer riders than commuter riders anyway. Next time, make the ride and then tell what you thought. Everything about the Blistered Bottom Ride is for fun as is the name, sorta like the Weasels MC which was begun in jest and not to be taken so seriously.

As we said last year, this is a leisurely ride for those wanting to enjoy the surroundings and not just blast through it, times short anyway so we like to enjoy and unwind. If anyone wants to stop for a break it's not a problem. This is a great ride for those just getting back into riding, those who want to enjoy the ride and even for newer riders who want to go there, have fun and get back home in hopefully one piece. Some of the roads we'll be on this year are a bit more twisty and you can get in trouble fast if you don't pay attention. But as last year, we won't be taxing anyones skill levels. We only ride as fast as the slowest rider is comfortable with. Last year we had five riders, how many will venture off the couch this year and actually ride farther than just to the local eatery?

As last year, you ride at your own risk as you are a responsible adult. Drinking is fine but not during riding hours so be sensible.

So heres the Link to Billy's blog with more info on the Ride;

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