Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pricey International Motorcycle Shows
Motorcycle shows and events are gearing up for the new season. I guess for many, the show will be a fun time but to pricey for me. $15 parking and another $13 per person just to get in the door! And that is an online advanced purchase price so who knows what the walk in price will be? Oh wait, at the door is $15 so for you and another it's $45 before you even get inside, egad man. Guess it's cheaper to leave the bikes at home, rent a van and all your friends split the parking cost. Kinda defeats the purpose of going to a bike show though doesn't it. I'm sorry but some of these places are asking to much. Makes me wonder just how much everything else is going to cost inside, the rest rooms might be $5 just to stand by the door plus another $1 per sheet of toilet paper.

You go, I'll find some place else.


Billy Jones said...

Do these people not know what kind of shape the economy is in? I buy whole motorcycles for that kind of money-- WTF?

And to add insult to injury, this particular show is all about selling new motorcycles and insurance.

Me to the motorcycle manufacturers and dealers: "Seriously, Dude? You want me to pay you to come look at a motorcycle you're trying to sell me-- how do the rest of us get in on the action?"

It's like making motorcycle payments on some other dude's motorcycle.

WooleyBugger said...

It becomes apparent to me that the higher someones education is the easier they are to dupe on thigs such as this. Big banking does this same sort of thing.