Saturday, February 25, 2012

Western Union Money Orders
Read this from the Western Union Site itself:  " Buy a Money Order

Money orders are a safe and reliable alternative to checks.

Buy money orders at participating Agent locations

Easy to cash - at check cashers, banks and retailers

Can be deposited directly into bank accounts"Okay, this is a misleading from the way I experienced it. A guy buys a money order and sends it as payment for something he's buying, seller receives money order for said item. Seller agreed to take a Western Union Money Order because the local grocery up the street sells them as an agent. So he takes the WUMO to the grocer but grocer refuses to cash it and the whole time your looking at the large Western Union sign behind him. Whats the deal with that?  What happened to this line ? "Easy to cash - at check cashers, banks and retailers" isn't that what it says on the WU site. So your lead to believe the Merchant will honor the money order, I mean, they are an agent...right. To me that would be like a Parcel service saying they'll take your package and your money to ship a package, but in small or hidden print they say they don't have to honor or actually deliver the package even when it says "We deliver", and then you search the parcel shipping service site and find something like this "Our parcel services are owned by independent retailers but ship only to certain places and we didn't mention up front. Oh, and we might charge you an additional fee to claim your package too."  
So now you feel stuck and go to the WU site and search around until you finally stumble on this little bit of information - now when your purchasing/sending a money order are you going to search all around the site to find this? I think not ; "Where can I cash a money order?

In the United States, some will, depending on the policies of the cashing location. However, Western Union Agent locations are not required to cash a Western Union Money Order payment instrument.

Western Union Money Order Agent locations are authorized sellers of Western Union Money Order payment instruments, but they are independent businesses that establish their own policies about the payment instruments they will cash"I still like WEstern Union, though I am a bit agitated by the fact the Grocer agent won't cash it, and I think that Western Union agent retailers should be obligated to post in nice large letters that they sell Money orders but don't cash them. But then by stateing that fact up front Western Unions business might not fair as well and customers who had come to the grocer to spend some of that money now won't because they can't get cashed.

Now I know, and I hope you do to now.


Billy Jones said...

I hope you haven't shipped already.

WooleyBugger said...

The Western Union Money order was fine at the bank, it's just the store that bothered me about it.