Friday, February 10, 2012

Whites Only Job Search Site White professionals only need apply

Now I ask you, what would you think about a site with the title written above about in an Employment site? Would you be screaming Racist, discrimination? Would you be thinking about calling the NAACP to lodge a complaint, maybe secure a lawsuit? Would you be thinking how can this be after many in our country - both White and African American - have been fighting to overcome just this sort of thing? Would you be thinking "Oh that just figures, all whites are so racist and we can't be having any of that?" Isn't that perhaps illegal?

Well, there are good and bad in all races of people and it bothers me that some people can't try to get beyond it and instead work hard to keep the walls up. But when one side is pointing fingers at another and loudly at times, sites like the link here just makes me wonder all kinds of confused thoughts. Why can't we get past this kind of mess? Just who is being racist here? Should I call the NAAWP.

They state on their site, and I quote  "Our site serves the Black community exclusively, allowing those in search of African American employment to refine their job search via thousands of job postings," and 

"It’s all about finding jobs for deserving African American job seekers"

So it would look to me that the companies working with them are being discriminatory in their hiring practices. I guess its legal and okay and justified and accepted to be discriminative to Whites, but illegal and not okay and unjustified and unacceptable to be discriminatory the other way around. I'm sorry, but this sort of thing knocks me back about fifty years from my views of how far I thought both sides had come. I wonder what Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King would be saying about this site in the link.   

Researching further on this issue and it's relation to acceptable decrimination I found this in an article by Sara Algoe.
"Federal law prohibits discrimination in a number of work-related areas, including recruiting, hiring, job evaluations, promotion policies, training, compensation and disciplinary action. (David A. Robinson 21)"

and this;
"To avoid discrimination, you do not have to extend preferential treatment to any employee. The law requires only that you extend the same employment opportunities and enforce the same policies for each employee."

Full article here


Trobairitz said...

I think this has always been a double edged sword.

African Americans will say that they do not want to be treated differently but at the same time, they are the ones setting themselves apart in a lot of circumstances.

If you were born here or have gained citizenship, then you are American. Plain and simple. Not African American, not Mexican American. Just American.

Just my two cents.

WooleyBugger said...

Trobairitz, you know, your right about that. Intergration doesn't really work, if you will observe in schools, or even work, people of a like kind still gather into their own groups. It's just natural and this is why forced intergration does not really work, it only looks good on the surface and so workforce diversification doesn't really work either.

Unknown said...

Excellent points and thanks for the link. I just had to send my thoughts to through their Contact Us section. I don't understand where they differenciate what's on their site from what I might read on a "White Supremist" site. If I receive a reasonable response I will pass it on. Glassman