Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hello, My names Wooley and I'm a MotoHolic

I was lost, feeling alone and felt I had nowhere to turn. I often wondered if there were others like me out there, could there possibly be others. For years I wandered aimlessly, no direction, heard the laughs and the sneers as I passed by, was I the only one around with grease under my nails and smeared oils on my pants legs? Was I the only one that showed up at events and dinners smelling like gas, oil and a smudged face with bugs in my teeth? Then one day not long ago I got on my bike to ride and found a small card on the seat, it simply read "Your not alone. Come to an MA for MotoHolics meeting" at the bottom was this and so I did.  


Trobairitz said...

Well that is a very creative and original idea.

Thanks for sharing.

WooleyBugger said...

A friend started it and I thought it was pretty clever too. Got a chuckle from it.