Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Motorcycle Co-op
Maybe your and older rider but never worked on your own bike before, maybe your a new rider who has no idea what-so-ever how to work on your bike, or your a seasoned rider who just doesn't have the place or the tools. The Carolina Motorcycle Co-Op is just what you may have or should have been looking for. A co-op has the tools and resources for riders to work on their bikes with help from other riders when you hit that tough place and don't know how to proceed.  I found this video while cruising KT Dids blog and thought it mildly related to repairing your bike. Some riders just need a little guidance on turning wrenches to get them going. Most pick it up fairly quickly, women are particulary fast learners, and soon enough they will be able to coach others on what they have learned. All of us at Carolina Motorcycle Co-op look foward to ladies wanting to wrench their own machines and usually they are sticklers for getting it done right. Once they get some mechanical knowledge under their belts ideas begin flowing and attention to details becomes a high priority. Some of us men might go ahead and ride a motorcycle with a little leak or a loose fastener that we keep putting off, most women won't do that so at the co-op we'll have to be on our toes or be called on it in front of friends when she points out "your swing arm bearings look worn out, I can tell by the little wobble when you lean in to a turn. Or it might be your shocks."
But we don't need to be embarrassed by this, we need to be glad they know their stuff...even if we want to ignore it.
There are motorcycle coops beginning in different states so look around, ask other riders because there might be one near you.
Enjoy the little video. 

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