Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thunder Road Ford Fairlane

Robert Mitchum and his son played brothers in this first ever moonshine based epic tale.
 Thunder Road Movie Poster
 I was trying to get a full shot of the car from the side, the suns glare on my camera screen - and this guy who kept yacking - made it hard to tell the shot I was getting.
 Having to raise the hood, small radiator leak making things warm under there. Recon Robin Doolin (James Mitchum) needs to address this problem.
 You would never know by these pictures but this complete car was found in The Mountains of the North Carolina woods sitting out in the weather for over thirty five years. You can imagine the shape it was in. Two years later it is in this restored condition and only finished yesterday. Time ran out for getting the radiator recored for the show.
 Looks like Lucas Doolin (Robert Mitchum) is loaded up and ready to make another Moonshine run
Heading back home to make another pick up and delivery down HWY 16 near Asheville . This car sounds so wicked bad. My son made a recording of it on his Ipod. But I shit you not, this was the baddest sounding car at the whole show and there were plenty of sweet sounding cars there. I'll have to put those pictures in the next post

Here is some cool info on the movie, I'll have to ride this on My Sporty.

Movie clip here;


Trobairitz said...

Great car. I am always amazed at how they can restore the old ones sitting out in the elements for so long.

WooleyBugger said...

Trobairitz, me also. The metals are so much thicker than todays vehicles and take longer to rust, except for the F-Body GM cars and Mustangs, Cougars. Back in the day the bodies far out lasted the drive trains with 100,000 being a great feat then.

Stolen said...

Does it still have the old Y Block 312 Thunderbird engine under the hood?

WooleyBugger said...

312 or 352 don't remember for sure but was engine that was in the car.