Friday, June 08, 2012

Deadly Traffic Accident! Must watch!

If you only watch one movie with your teenager this year, this is it.


Roger Fleming said...


mq01 said...

i cant watch, i might develop potty mouth at bad drivers, again... i'll take your word for it wooley that its bad.

Billy Jones said...

Problem is: despite all the movies in the world, teenagers still think it can't happen to them.

Sad, but maybe the automobile is western civilization's population control.

WooleyBugger said...

Hello Roger,
Yes it is, mighty sobering,

It's about texting and driving aimed at teenagers but adults should pay close attention to. Driving to work each day it's pretty obvious who's doing it. They begin to slow down, weave back and forth and run on the shoulder or cross the dividing lines, then they speed up pass you by and it begins again. Cell phone users are as bad. With the phone stuck to their heads they don't look before changing lanes, making a turn or pulling out from a side road. I'm in a big assed truck, bright white and they don't even know I'm there.

I was like that back then until two brothers went for ice cream and said they'd be right back. Neither one was wearing seatbelts, Ronnie was thrown out the passenger window and landed in traffic in middle of intersection. His brother Jerry was shoved under the crumpling dash. Busted both his knees and caught his bottom lip and tore it good. Another friend and his wife were hit head on by a drunken lawyer. They got banged up but the lawyer died instantly. He had driven his sport car right under Buds stock 4X4 Silverado. Those two wrecks made a believer out of me of seatbelts before it was a law.

I see what you mean about automobile population control.