Friday, October 26, 2012

Motorcycle Seat padding

Ya know, I heard that old Henry Ford built cars down south around Savannah Georgia early on. Know what else? He used the hanging moss from the trees in the car seats. Now I don't have tress around here like that but it got me thinking about what to use for my seat pan. I made this seat pan custom to fit my Ironhead and have a tough time finding seat foam (affordable) seat foam. I tried one of those camping sleeping foam mats but I had to piece it all and I don't think it would do right after covering.
So I got to thinking, "What about old seat or couch cushions or foam from an old car seat." it's cheap (say free) and if I screw it up no coinage lost, just grab another cushion and try again.

Anyone else out there as cheap as I tried this yet? After it's covered who's to know, right.

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