Wednesday, November 21, 2012

??? Flat Wooley to Return???

Hmm, one of my secret agents - of the female persuasion - seems to have maybe, perhaps found out where Flat Wooley has been holed up. Using her charms she is trying to lure him back into the limelight from where he was snatched. Was in in seclusion, was he a captive by wanting females, was he worn out from the travels? Stay tuned as agent mq01 attempts to bring him back from the outer edges of our minds.


mq01 said...

=) agent mq01, i like it! now the question is, can i do it?!?... oy vay...cross your fingers.

Trobairitz said...

oooooh dun dun dun.......... I can here the secret agent music now..........

bob skoot said...


HOLD ON A MOMENT. STOP THE PRESSES. DON't do anything until after January 6th, 2013.

I want to meet Flat Wooley in person. I am going to be visiting MS MQ and I want to be the one who TAKES FLAT WOOLEY out of his Warm, secured hiding spot (no matter how far down I have to go)

After that he can be free to travel where he wants. He may even wish to follow me up to Canada and see some Igloos and RCMP: Canadian Mounted Police.

Riding the Wet Coast
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Gary France said...

Poor Flat Wooley. He must be knackered by now, what with all that cavorting about. Somebody said he may have made an appearance in Skyfall.

WooleyBugger said...

Bob Skoot,
If Flat makes it to MQ's place I'm sure he wouldn't mind hanging and riding with you for a bit. He may not want intruding on his warm hiding spot though.

Gary, Skyfall? I heard there were some flat spots in that film.