Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cycle Source Big Mountain Run

I got word that this years Big Mountain Run 2013 has been canceled
for certain reasons. I've asked them to hold the presses on that as I have the place they need in Damascus Virginia. I have contacted parties on both sides in hopes of saving this event for this year and years to follow. Now, as a former writer for Garage Choppers and a concert promoter I know how a canceled event can be a disappointment, plus the pitfalls of starting a new business can hinder a persons best efforts.

The property owners I have contacted are already setup for just such events and the riding, hospitality, area and roads are simply superb. I visited the place with my fellow writer and former promoter back in 2011 for their inaugural year and was so taken by the people and the area that I am planning on doing a documentary on same this upcoming year.

Until I have something in concrete I don't want to say to much, but there it is. Hopefully I can get these two together and the BMR can have a smooth transition to a great place already setup for just such a purpose. Great owners, beautiful area, fun and exiting roads, Primitive camping, small cabins, creeks, fishing, live music on the stage, food, a break down rescue truck and motorcycle repair shop on site, horse back riding, Bonn fire (weather permitting) and more.

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Trobairitz said...

Wooley to the rescue!!

Hope it all works out and you save the event.