Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Computer out, New one in

I've been blog lazy as of late and this year has already been one thing after another, and none of it what I want to do.
For my birthday my wife, son and mother-in-law all chipped in together and bought me what I have been drooling over for some time, a GoPro camera. Not just the camera but many of the extras to. Problem, my old windows XP would not support it so movie maker would not work. My old system was getting so slow and my son had updated it as far as it would go. That old Dell survived kids, me, storms, viruses that tried to kill it, spilled drinks on the keyboard, etc, etc for ten years. It was giving me fits trying to read some blogs and websites.
Now I was excited about the camera, still am, but the computer problem was like a damper. Luck, our Fed return came in so my wife and son secretly did all this research and brought a new Computer system home for me. Her corp computer wiz cousin advised her on several systems, so I come home one day and my son is finishing up installing it as a surprise. It has windows 7 professional and capable of windows 8. Now I'm trying to learn the new format, basically finding my way around it. And the happy dance kicker, the Gopro and windows movie maker will now work. Just need to learn the camera and movie maker now.

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KT Did said...

Congrats on moving up in the tecno world Wooley! Yep... that Go Pro is a little monster to learn, everytime I want to use it I have to re-read the directions LOL! Have fun!