Friday, April 05, 2013

Illegal Scooters on the Road

Illegal Scooters are all over the place. I know fuel prices have gotten way out of hand and people are trying to save on commute funds. But hey, more often than not this scooters are on the road illegally and that is what is beginning to piss me off. A moped does not have to be registered and that is fine with me, they can't go over 25 mph and still be classifeid and exempt from vehicle laws. You see a scooter does well over 25 mph and by law needs to be tagged, inspected, insured and requires a cycle license. I see them everyday with riders who obviously have none of the above. They ride them like they are bicycles. Helmets all askew on their heads, dragging their feet, pulling out in front of traffic, running traffic lights and signs and generally not paying attention.
I have to abide by all the laws and have a license, tags, insurance etc or face fines. Law Enforcement ignores these scooter riders; even traveling behind them in traffic and clearly can see they have no tags but don't pull them over and fine them. Now what do you think in the case if it were you or I on our motorcycles with no tag? Your damned right
they would, would cite us in a second.
These scooters riders are using the roadways without paying their dues and I am sick of it.
The one below has a top speed of around 37 mph and there are others that go faster and I have had some pass me on the road while I was doing 45. To qualify as a Moped it has to have a 49cc motor and a top speed of 25 tops. If it exceeds 25 then it is classified as a motorcycle. I have nothing against the Scooters as a whole because they do fill a void for those who need transportation. What ills me is that these faster scooters are ignored and they are thumbing their noses at tLaw Enforcement and those rest of us who have to pay up to be on the road.
Check out some of the faster scooters at scooter focus. Yep, I've seen a few of these faster scooters on the hiway with no tags so you know they have no insurance and most likely no license.

 2013 Honda Metropolitan (NCH50) 106082738 large photo


Trobairitz said...

Wooley - the right side of your post is cut off, but I get the gist of what you are saying.

Being in a college town we see a lot of the little scooters in town with people wearing no gear, but luckily they usually stick to the in town 25 mph surface streets.

mq01 said...

hmmm... those could be fun, sorry i digress. im itching to have another sporty now...these smallish bikes are making me consider another payment ;)

WooleyBugger said...

It shows up fine on my screen so I'm scratching my head.
At least they follow the limit there.

you can never have to many motorcycles

KT Did said...

I own a couple of scooters to get around town. They are easy to get in and around shopping areas and can be parked in spots where motorcycles can't so I take mine shopping a lot. However, I am registered and my plates are updated. Sure don't want to get a ticket and I am required to have a motorcycle license to ride one here in California. We abide by the same rules and laws. Sad to see that this part of riding is not to safe and more accidents, unfortunately, will be on the rise.

KT Did said...

BTW: I think all you need to to on this post is go in and click the pic you uploaded, resize it to small or medium. It looks like it was to large for the post area and made the whole post wider than it should be. Just go in and make the pic one size smaller. Preview it and see if that helped, then save and update the post.

WooleyBugger said...

the picture won't resize so I might just remove it and replace with another.

Billy Jones said...

North Carolina has raised moped speed limits to 30 MPH. Motorized bicycles are limited to 20 MPH.

Sadly, too many moped riders are idiots just like the were before they lost the right to drive their cars. A moped should not be allowed as a means of transportation for anyone skirting the loss of a drivers license.

Other than that I'm cool with them.

Dar said...

Woolly my gripe is more with the ebikes that look like scooters and they are everywhere here being a college and touristy town. My little 49cc scoot had to be insured and licensed here otherwise the cops nail you and the fine is huge. However here in BC you only need a regular car license to drive a 49cc scoot and I think that needs to change & should require a full or restricted motorcycle license, because at least then these drivers would have to read about how to ride a motorcycle and learn that it is just not a point and go dealio. They drive me nuts when they aren't practicing safe skills and all over the road. I hear ya and agree with ya!

WooleyBugger said...

I think Scooters are great as long as they follow the road rules, but insurance and have license to ride, as you do. Here in the states you have to have a different endorsement to drive other types of vehicles. You can't just buy a bus or a Semi and drive it all around because you have an auto drivers license, you have to pass tests to get other endorsements. These uninsured scooter riders make all of our rates go up as underinsured/non-insured/un-insured riders that we legal riders are forced to pay when we buy insurance. So I agree with you as well.