Wednesday, May 08, 2013

BillBoards for Motorcycle awareness

I was wondering why we riders, motorcycle dealers and indie Motorcycle shops don't pool together in our respective areas and buy bill board space. The cost split up would cost us each very little I'd suspect and go a very long way with in your face ads for motorcycle awareness along the roads. It might even help businesses who co-sponsor a sign near them whilst making automobile drivers more conscious of riders on the road.
With travel vacation days coming soon there could even be billboards that kids play the spotting game like when we all played to see how many colors of VW's or cows etc we saw in a given time on the trip. Put up one billboard for kids to start counting motorcycles and who ever had the most by the next sign along the Hiway won. Many ideas could be implemented here and motorcycle awareness would be doubled or tripled.

Check out this link below for Louisiana


Trobairitz said...

I think billboards are a great idea.

We have a few around here that the local chapter of ABATE has sponsored, but I know two of the people in them and they staged how they were dressed (what gear) and what bike they were standing in front of. I thought that odd. It did make a point that all kinds of people are on the road though.

A good idea, but our local ones look posed more than anything.

Dar said...

Nice idea! We have been blitzing our local media with radio and tv stuff on motorcycle awareness. Unfortunately locally we have had 1 fatality and one very bad crash just 4 days into Motorcycle Awareness month, both were due to rider error, the first one (fatality) due to speeding and the second one was rider inattentiveness, she rode through a red light smashing into the side of police car. I think part of motorcycle awareness month should be dedicated to educating riders to hone their skills, pay attention and practice good road craft.

mq01 said...

HMMM... love it wooley!