Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Painted Lines and Motorcycle Safety

This isn't the first time I've thought about this, slippery painted lines on the roadway. Lane markings and those wide stripes at intersections can be a large hazard when wet. Add some fluid on them from cars and trucks and you have a recipe for disaster. I try to avoid the lines when riding in the wet especially when changing lanes or stopping at an intersection. But the trouble is , when you begin to leave a light and have to cross that wide white line can mean loss of control if not careful. Stopping and putting your feet down on these same lines can cause your foot to slip making you either strain a muscle trying to stay up or risk dumping your bike.
When it's wet, the most slippery spot we are all aware of is the center of the lane. Also slippery is spilled diesel fuel and hydraulic oil. A few years ago I came to an intersection and I been smelling a strong odor of hydraulic fluid. Right down the center of the road in front of me was a long line on the pavement as I approached a red-light and applied the brakes on a puddle that looked like water, it turned out to be hydraulic fluid. I was lucky, I was in my Animal Services truck and called in to C-Com to report the puddles at intersections and the stream trail that went on ahead. Turned out a concrete mixer had broken a pump line and was on the way to deliver a load with no idea the pump had busted a hydraulic line. Had I been on a motorcycle I would have been down. It's just lucky nobody crashed because of it.
But my thought is, and I've wondered how we motorcyclists can lobby to have sand or some type of grit added to the painted lines on roadways to give us some grip, at least on those wide white lines at intersections and crosswalks. To my knowledge it is a hazard that has never been addressed to D.O.T. Those big thick painted lines have probably attributed to more losses of control than we know.    


Canajun said...

A good reminder - wet painted lines are to be avoided at all costs.

Trobairitz said...

I wonder if this is something the AMA might take up as a cause.

bob skoot said...


that's a good idea. I think they already have non-skid paint available for industrial warehouses

Riding the Wet Coast

WooleyBugger said...

Canajun, You betcha and it's the same that can get you in the curves.

If you find out let me know as it would benefit all riders on the road.

bob skoot,
Yes they do as do some schools.

Webster World said...

I believe it was addressed here. Years ago they did change the paint. I'll have to check and be sure and get back to ya.

WooleyBugger said...

Webster World,
Yes, please let us know what you find.