Friday, November 08, 2013

500 & 750 Harley Davidson

To be honest, to me I think it is about time HD made the move. Why let all the Foreign motorcycle MFG's get all the sales.


KT Did said...

I agree, plus it looks like a good little bike for the city without all the weight.

Willy D said...

Only if they get rid of the mid-controls. Hate them. About time they did something with that engine design.

Trobairitz said...

I agree it was time they jumped on the bandwagon.

When I started riding back in 2009 there weren't a lot of choices for bikes under 650 ccs that were naked with no fairing. (I didn't want a Ninja)

I think that smaller cc bikes have a niche and I am glad Harley has realized it. Now they will have training bikes to replace the Buell Blasts they lost.