Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fuel Mileage

Wondering what type of fuel mileage your bike or one your interested in will get you?

I was checking out the Honda CB500X as found over at Trobairitz blog
and one of the commenters mentioned 65 mpg for this bike. I thought that that was a wonderfully welcome breath of fresh air with fuel prices these days. As usual as I searched the bike out at the Honda sight, almost never do you find the MPG ratings of any make.
So I gave a check at this sight where you can find many fuel specs on several different brands of bikes. Didn't find any on my old Ironhead antique to compare although I know by todays standards my bike is a pig when it comes to fuel mileage. I can squeeze about forty miles out of a gallon of fuel with normal riding, slightly less when all loaded down with travel gear. But still, I luv my old Pig.

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Barry Jones said...

I have a 2011 Road King that got almost 50mpg off the showroom floor. Now it's at Stage II and gets closer to 40mpg. But it's 2 stages more fun. Tradeoffs.