Saturday, August 02, 2014

Where have I been?

Restoring Old Dirt Bikes and Assisting My Son With His Nova

One Of my brothers and I are restoring/renewing old Dirt Motorcycles. This one looked like this when we got it. Previous owner got in over his head so we picked it up.

This poor YZ had seen it's better days for sure. We decided to take it in and give it life again.

She feels much better now and really halls some ass. Nothing like the scream of a two stroke to disturb the neighbors with. Babies scream, animals run for cover and the silence is shattered and the adrenaline is pumping.

The sad tired engine has a new lease on life while many others are rotting away somewhere. We took this YZ completely apart and rebuilt, re-greased, repainted, reupholstered over a two month period. Really pleased with the frame paint. You can read and see more about the process at

All the while my son was working on this and we helped out when we could. A lower fender patch on the right side fender while a multitude of little dings along both sides of the body had to be attended to.

Most of the old paint was completely sanded down to bare metal. The old girl needed a new front fender on the drivers side

The rear tail light panel had some rust so it was repaired. The deck lid, hood and top where in great shape, only a little spot on the top about the size of a quarter had to be fixed. All the door jambs, inside of doors, inside the trunk and under the lid where prepped for new paint. All the door handles, trim, moldings, grill and door locks where removed for painting.

He chose GM's new color 'Blue Granite Metallic' because it's so new nobody has done it yet. The paint had to come from the factory through a dealership. Depending on the light and time of day it goes from a Grey look to a Blue to a Black at night. It also draws from other car colors around it so for example it may have a chrome purplish look around a red vehicle is bright sunlight.    

The paint is so deep a Nat can see a pimple on it's ass in full detail in the reflection.

Some minor little things need to be finished in these pictures. The car is even dirty here from shop dust and it still shines.

My camera had a tough time of it in direct sunlight for some of the pictures. More pictures to follow.


Dar said...

Nice Woolley!!

Trobairitz said...

You have been busy.

Why has no one made two-stroke cologne yet?

Nice choice on Nova colors. Takes me back to high school when a friend used to drive his to school every day. I am glad people are still taking the time to restore old muscle cars.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Dar,
The bike was a lot of fun and is now for sale; that was the purpose although it is a blast to ride.

Busy a tad. My son though, and a local shop did most the work on the car. He also did most the stripping of pcs and parts. He's been working on this car for around four years now while his friends have been through a multitude of rides tearing them up, he has been steadily saving and working on his and it turns heads and gets thumbs up at the car meets.

Two stroke cologne, let em

A Katy Did Gig said...

I have no idea on the wrenching... but I love that Nova!

WooleyBugger said...

You should see and hear the engine in this baby. Looks like a simple little restored grocery getter on the outside but under the hood a warmed over small block muscle mouse.