Saturday, May 09, 2015

Jockey Shift Knob

Jockey Shift Knob
Working for Ten years in the aircraft parts manufacturing business and day dreaming of making our own parts we just couldn't wait any longer. I've done many things over the years but getting out in my own shop, designing, taking our vision and ideas, making the models and prototypes has to be the most enjoyable thing of this nature I've done. Nothing like taking an idea, putting it on paper then to machine to produce something solid from nothing is so satisfying. Weird as it may sound but sometimes I have an idea but not solid in my mind. I can chuck in a piece of metal and like wood to a wood carver, the metal speaks to me and shows me where to go with it. Times I have been toying with a new concept part and I see something in the way the cutter or form tool is working, the way the chips are coming off and as the piece turns something magical begins to appear and I go with it. Not everything goes as penciled out on the drafting sketch, and that my friends is when the magic appears.  

These are threaded for 3/8" - 24 shafts, although we can thread them for any jockey shift custom shaft thread size you need in standard or metric.

A cool art deco look to complement any build new or old. Rounded corners for a smooth comfortable feel and a protective polished finish.

Approximately 1 3/4" long by 1 1/2" Diameter. Made from 6061 T6 extruded and turned aluminum and near 5 oz of weight. Coghill Model : JSK0502151034   Get your hand around one and hold on.

Stay tuned for more from out little humble shop. We make parts for motorcycle and automotive from one off designs, ideas and sketches and sometimes just pure durned luck. It all depends sometimes on where Pop and Fred lead us to go.

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