Friday, July 22, 2005

Ahhhh. Finally Friday.

Well now its actually Saturday, but what the hey.

Today I had a talk with my boss .I told him the reason that I had to leave ,was not about him, but more that the insurance was costing me more than my house payment now. Every year it goes up and I just can't take anymore hits like that to my paycheck. I mean, close to $10,000 a year for family coverage is just plain robbery. (that's just part of the reason. No need to burn bridges)

He said that he understood and told me that I had done an excellent job over the years. Its just that there is no place else I can go to at the company. (that's because all the management spots and up are family)
I am stuck with no chance of promotion at this place. And after they told me if I stuck with them, several years ago, I would have the assistant manager position over logistics. I did this job already but without the pay. So be it.

The mill industry is going down the tubes and is so cut throat now-a-days anyway. NAFTA took care of that until now. CAFTA is going to finish it off if it gets passed. CAFTA is the new tapeworm that will eat away at more American jobs. It makes no sense to me how these big corporate giants think we are going to be able to purchase anything when there are no jobs left. Walmart and Kmart keep driving the prices down so cheap that with all of the slave labor products from overseas that they will finally fold too. But hey, the stock holders won't care until they have worthless stock on their hands from bankruptcy.

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