Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Finished another chapter in one of my novels I'm writing. Its tough trying to work on two at once and I have let one collect a bit of dust on it. One has been sitting because it is a tale about a young boy and his struggle in life dealing with a mother who has a nervous breakdown. It rips the immediate and extended family apart leaving the young boy pretty much on his own. His main savior is time he gets to spend away at his grandmothers farm. While there, he can feel all the weight begin to lift from his shoulders. He does not fully grasp the situation as none of the adults around him speak to him about it. The family tries to keep it a secret from outsiders and thusly, the boy is in the dark and confused believing he may be going crazy too.

My other book is an adventure and the quest for justice for two men gunned down in Louisiana during the late sixties.

Writing can be a tough thing to do as ones who do not do it, do not understand the time you have to put into it. Being able to go there and visualize what you are putting down, takes a quiet spot. Its not something that you can do with someone looking over your shoulder or trying to direct you to which way to go with it. You have to get into it and feel what the characters are seeing, feeling and doing. The train of thought can be a very fragile thing. When the words are coming, sometimes on their own faster than you can put it down, an interruption can stop the flow dead in its tracks. Gone forever.
I'm one of those moody writers that has to be completely in my own space away from everything. I can't just stop in the middle of a thought and pick it up again later. I have to get it down right then.

I learned something new today that made me say "WOW." Maybe I already knew it but forgot. Nay. I just learned it.

Peter Fonda has the same birth month and day as I. Another thing is that I can relate albeit to his mothers death.

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