Monday, July 25, 2005

Had my Interview at Honda today and it looks pretty good so far. There was a ton to see in the plant and I may be a shoe in for second shift. It was one of those job fair deals where about two hundred people showed up. I was the first one there though. We were all informed that the hiring was for first and third shift. Most of the people, other than about fifteen or so, looked ho hum about everything. Non- confidant and all.

When the tour was over and most were in a hurry to leave, I decided to stay and ask a few more questions. The man who gave us the tour asked what my background was when I asked to talk to him. I also told him that I was interested in metal casting and had a mechanics degree. Not to mention my having been a warehouse manager in the past. He perked up and told me about positions that were open and that he was looking for people to fill. Then he asked me what shift I was trying for. Being that at the start of the job fair, we were told first and third shifts, I said either one. He replied "that figures." As the shift he was talking about was second and nobody seems to want second shift.
My brain went "Click" and I quickly replied that second shift was not a problem for me at all. He told me more about the casting job and then the warehousing job. He wanted me to schedule a testing session and come back for the metal casting department tour. Then unlike he had done with anyone else, he wanted my name and shook my hand.

I feel pretty darned good about it. For some reason today, my spirits were high and my confidence was way up before I got there. I dressed right, made my intentions clear, payed attention, took a few notes, made sure my body language exuded an air of confidence (not slouching but standing like I was in control of my destiny), without being arrogant, and took the extra step to seek him out for more information. I could go places here and let him know that I was the man for the job. Everything that I had noticed no one else was doing.

If my testing goes good, I might just step into a position that wasn't even being offered to the other 199 or so there. I'm pretty excited about the chance to work there and will do my best to do all I can to learn new jobs and move up. Finally, a place with a future instead of these dead end jobs for the last twenty some odd years. So I may have to be on second shift to start out with. But, sense nobody else like second shift, I may have just opened the door.

Damn I feel good about this one. Hope my bubble don't burst.

I may even be able to get my concert promotion gig rolling again now.


Robert said...

You TOTALLY got that job...whenever I interview or meet people for jobs and they are retarded or even semi-slow, I don't ask their name, and SURE AS HELL don't shake their hands (who knows where the hell they have been or what they have seen). Good luck to you, even though it doesn't seem you really need it...

WooleyBugger said...

Wow, thanks a bunch Robert.

Many years ago I was in management and had to do the hiring and dismisal (as they like to call it now)of employees.
Your well wishes are appreciated and to top it off, they called me today to say they wanted to get me in for the Q/A job testing tomorrow at 10 a.m instead of Thursday at 2:30 P.M

I'm feeling pretty pumped about working there. They want me to test for a third shift position. I can move around and up from there.

I don't mind taking a little pay cut, but better benefits to get my foot in the door.