Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Greensboring to Greensbooming was one of the headline on the news tonight. Hehehehe. Man I had to laugh at that one. I have never thought of Greensboro as a boring place. There is so much to do over there even for singles.

You want to talk about boring, then trek over to Burlington. What can you find to do for fun there. Well, you can go out to eat, catch a movie, walk around at the Mall, go sit at the park, go to the car wash and hang out before the cops run you off, then find another car wash to hang at. Lets see, what else. Hmmm.................hmmmm........Still thinking. Go to the YMCA, go to a bar if your old enough but don't expect much, go bowling if you can afford it, maybe a ball game and oh yes, go walk around the Mall.

Talk about boring boring boring. The sidewalks roll up around 10Pm mostly and pretty much all the way at 11PM.

If you want excitement then you will have to go to the rough spots and maybe get the chance to see a fight or stabbing.

This City needs a music scene and I tried to get one started here or something that does not include shopping. A few other predecessors have tried also to get a music scene going here but, this town is full of old fuddy duddies. Not all are old fuddy duddies but more are than not. It is so boring in Burlington that many famous people or surviving spouses of people move here. The real Norma Ray lives within a stones throw from Borlington and there are others too. They want to get away from the lime light so they move there. Seriously folks.

So if you want boring, pass Greensboro and go to Borlington.

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