Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Banning smoking in your private vehicle and fining you upwards of $150.00 should be a crime in itself. Philadelphia is wanting to make it a law and it covers all smoking. Not just cigarettes either. This is the government getting way out of hand again. They can't stop illegal drug use or drinking and driving, rape, murder, extortion, identity theft, road rage, speeding, car theft, or any of those actual crimes that occur on a daily basis.

So what do they do? Why, go after those smokers of course. Because it is a bandwagon effect that is so easy to jump onto. Its the only war that they have a chance at winning. The real problems are not solvable so, they find this and produce all the propaganda that goes with it. Go ahead and argue the many points about why smoking is bad for you But let me say this. Has anyone ever been beaten to death with a cigarette or cigar??? How about stabbed, shot, smothered, or out of their mind crazy for being under the influence of tobacco??? No! Because its such a crock of bull.

They say smoking while driving is a distraction. So while those idiots talk on the cell phone, read the paper or magazine, use medication that causes drowsiness, drive under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, speed and get road rage, commit drive by shootings , don't forget those illegal window tinted cars that you can't see inside of that gets cops killed, plus many who drive unsafe vehicles. WOW! We can all feel Soooooo much safer after these terrible smokers are off the road.

"One Adam twelve, one Adam twelve. What's your location?"

"We're at the scene of the bank robbery and fatal shooting."

"One Adam Twelve ....... Drop the shooter/robbery suspect and proceed to I95 and see the man about a person smoking while driving."

"Ten Four Communications. We're on our way."

You say "what's the big deal?" Today its the rights of one group but tomorrow, it will be another target group that will eventually be yours.

"Lets see govnah, tobacco is gone and wine and spirits is a no no to go after. Who can we target now? I know, skateboards maybe or, oh, even better, people who wear hats while driving. It can be a big distraction you know."

Can anyone say Prohibition ??????????? How about Nazi rule ?????????? Saddam anyone ??????

Hail, hail the gangs all here

Big government got its way

Tommorrow another freedom we find

And send it on it's way


Emily said...

Hey, You left a message on my blog. The song is called Defying Gravity and it is from the Broadway musical Wicked. It actually has a few really good songs in it. I highly suggest checking it out!

Have a good day!

Billy Jones said...

Who says? Hey dude, when's the bike show?

SemiMBA said...

I don't smoke and I hate it when people smoke on my parade, but this is getting out of hand. Smoking in your own car outlawed? I think there is a place for everything. Bars and cars and the great outdoors are the right places for smokers. If you can't take smoke, don't hang out next to a smoker.

Thanks for the interesting comment on my blog. Never let your employer try to stunt your 1st amendment rights. I know an executive that won a case against a certain unnamed Silicon Valley company under Cally's anti-SLAPP laws. It send shockwaves amongst the tech industry (because she refused a private settlement, opting for a public court lawsuit). At least she showed she wasn't doing it for the money.

Cheers -

WooleyBugger said...

Hey bloggingpoet. The bike show is the last weekend of August and our Media passes are on the way.Going to do a special tribute to Indian Larry this year.
Do I need to pick you up again?? Just give me a ring.