Sunday, July 31, 2005

Anyone want to read something about a North Carolina Sheriff? His name is Terry Johnson and after all this hoopla over another North Carolina Sheriff, Gerald Hege, I don't get why this Johnson fellow is in office.

Hege is trying to get his book out about his term in office. Judging from the pictures if you look at the whole site, he thinks that he is some type of Buford Pusser. Its almost like he set up his whole law enforcement career to eventually be a movie. If it does make it to the screen, he'll be waltzing his way to the bank and laughing all the way.

Now this Terry Johnson fellow has been doing some really good things. But what else might he have in his closet that we don't know about?

I'm no watch dog but I thought that these two were quite interesting.


Jas... said...

Hey Wooley! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog there. I gotta tell you, this blog of yours is pretty informative! Good work.


WooleyBugger said...

Thanks j.a.! I wasn't really sure anyone was reading it.I appreciate your feed back.
I liked what I read on your also.