Sunday, July 31, 2005

I was just reading some more of Billy Jone's book " Carrot on a Stick " and can't believe that I can still find something new in it each time. He has some really good poetry in there as well as short stories. I don't know how this guy finds the time to write his books as well as do his site.
Some of the things he writes about in his book seems to be about me. Isn't it strange how that sometimes happens. You find out that everyone has had to deal with similar things in life.

Billy is a friend and former partner of mine in the music business. He gave me the courage to try out my dream and I am forever in his debt for that. Nobody but me knows how much. It was also Billy that got me going again in my writings. I had been stagnant for years except for my gig at only a few months before being introduced to Billy at a party. You see, one of my brothers is a singer/song writer who has been to Nashville on more than one occasion. He had told Billy about the site I was writing for and he took a peek.

Billy told my brother that he wanted to meet me and I was floored. Another friend and I went to the party which had musicians, some famous and some not, all gathered at my brothers little spread in upper North Carolina. My brother had all these people milling around listening to different artists as they played. This one fellow got up and sung a few songs ( Pretty damned good too) and then took a seat to talk to a pretty lady there. He overheard my friend and I talking about wives and air-conditioning or something, and leaned over adding his two cents worth. It was then that I met the talented and witty Billy Jones. The man with the long white beard and long hair had a kind air about him. My brother, being so busy working the crowd, had never formally introduced us.
He and I became friends in a relatively short time I would say. He is a smart fellow and I listen up to what he has to say. Because of him, I have begun to pay attention to more things than I had for a long time. Here is a man who is a three time published author and he was telling me how much he liked my writings. It was encouragement from an outsider that gave me that extra push to go on with it. Even though it aggravates some that I write.
You have to write something everyday, no matter how little it is or even if you keep it or trash it. You have to write or you lose it.
Billy had a stroke not long after I met him and then just as he is recovering, he loses his father. I had felt much respect from Billy, and even though I had never met his father, I think I knew what he was about from Billy. His father must have been one hell of a man judging from what I know of Billy now.

Now Billy wasn't always the man he is today and his life has not been easy so far . No, I have heard some of the stories about him. He is an Old scooter tramp that took no shit from anyone and he drove a truck for a living. Nuther words, at one time he was someone that you'd probably not have wanted to be your enemy. The area he lived in was once a center for a notorious Biker gang.
But something happened to Billy and he was changed. I know a bit about what it was but won't put it here as its not for me to say.

I am glad that I can call him a friend but I'm even gladder that he can call me a friend.

Thanks Billy for giving me courage when I was ready to give up on everything.

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