Saturday, July 30, 2005

Deja Vue or Vuja Dey I can't figure it out. I noticed while reading the paper, over the last week, two articles that had been repeated from last month. "Am I crazy?" Thought I. Did I dream this or something? Hmmmm, I wondered to myself as my wife dismisses most of my thoughts anyway. No matter what I tell her on any subject, she says she already knows that. Why, just ask her a question about anything, anything and she knows it all. Go ahead and ask her yourself. You'll see that she already knows it, been there done that no matter what the subject. She knows it all, so it makes for very short and boring conversation. She is good at convincing people of that but I know better. She's like a chameleon and can make you think she knows about something by dancing around the edges of it. Why, even though she's only flown once in her life she'll have you believing she trains pilots. But back to my story as I got off track there. LOL

The articles repeated in the paper were, one about job seeking people with tattoos. The other is about a local women who has written a story about her mothers Alzheimer's and what she went through. Its going to be in a Kitchen soup for the soul aimed at Hispanics book.
Now I just knew that I had read both of these articles before. When I showed it to my wife she says "I already read that awhile back." I said "yea me too but here it is again today." So at least I know that I'm not totally crazy.

But I wonder why the paper is reprinting articles here and there. Is it just to fill space from laziness? Or perhaps, they are testing us to see if we pay attention. Hmmmmmm. I do know its not Ground Hog day like the movie with Bill Murray in it. How do I know? Because a few weeks ago my broken down truck was covered with dust and cobwebs and now it is at the Ford Dealership getting a new clutch installed.

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