Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Funny Thought

I had a funny though today.
Well, maybe you had to be there......., errr, here.
My wife had given one of our dogs some fresh water in her bowl. Dogs being dogs, she lapped up some and then evidently, as usual, dripped some on the floor. I didn't know that she had just had some water though. My feet were hot in my work boots and I had taken them off. Going into the kitchen to get me something to drink; I stepped right in the spilled water bowl water. All that I had on was my socks. I cursed under my breath " Damn it. I stepped in some wet water!"

Then I had to laugh at myself. I stepped in some wet water? As opposed to what? Some dry water. hehehehe

Just another thought here.
Why is it that my son can be home with his mother all day. Then when I get home he decides that he has to talk to her endlessly and interrupt whenever she and I try to talk. He follows her through the mansion to every room just yak yak yak.
Then we sit down to dinner and he's still talking. Finally he finishes and I'll ask his mother something and then just as she is in mid-sentence, here he goes again about whatever. So I scold him but I get the look from the both of them. "He was trying to tell me something!" she says

"I've been waiting an hour just to say hi. He is being rude and you are taking up for him." I say

there's that look again.

As she turns to him. "Go ahead honey. What were you saying."

Arrrgh. I can't win. Its them against me.

Alright, so now I ask him a question and the answer comes from the other direction, from her.
Then I'll ask her a question and the answer comes from him. They speak for each other and it drives me nuts.
Can't have a conversation with just one. Its giving me whip lash.

The only one on my side is the dog. She looks at me with that confused look as if to say " Wooley. I thought you asked the other one. Why did that one answer?"

So I ask her. "I don't know dog. So, how was your day? Catch any cats?"

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